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Travel Hoists

Molift Smart 150 Folding hoist is the easiest, lightest, usable hoist on the market.  Lifts a max. of 24 Stone or 150Kg off the floor, goes through 75cm doors easily, weighs only 25Kg, separates into 2 pieces easily and comes with a battery and charger.

The Managing Director is a full-time wheelchair user and states "The Molift Smart 150 is a product that's not just a disabled aid, it's a family friend.  Why? Whether you want to travel away from home for the night or under take a world tour,the Molift Smart 150 will make it happen.

Those of us that need assistance in to bed, floor to chair if we have a fall or access the toilet as there is no shower chair, need the Molift Smart 150 as it not only give's you peace of mind, it give's you an easier life.

Whether it's camping with friends and family, cruising holidays or just a break away, The Molift Smart will help your carers or family members to also have a break.  If you're looking to fly out anywhere, there is a Molift Smart Case available which you'll need to protect from damage.

Whats Included:

-Battery and Charger

Technical Diagram

Material:  Aluminium, Steel


Separated, part 1: 13 kg

Separated, part 2: 13 kg

Length:  1200 mm  

Width chassis/legs outer: 660 mm

Width open legs inner:  925 mm

Leg Height:  110 mm

Hoisting Height:  270-1665 mm

Hoisting Speed:  6cm/sec

Hoisting Interval: 1410 mm

Maximum user weight: 150 kg

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