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The Dipper is for use at swimming pools, therapy pools and quay side locations with a specification that is highly functional and easy to use. Its design assures full integration with the pool or quay side environment.

The market leading Dipper is a proven, reliable and safe method of gaining access to the water and has a weight capacity of 140kg (22st).

The Dipper hoist can be used either with a spreader bar and sling arrangement or the Ranger Transporter chair.

You will also have to allow for a base socket to be fitted. There are three standard fittings, A, B or C. The choice of socket is dependent on the type, layout and construction of pool deck. See the user instruction manual,above, for further details.

Dipper instruction Manual

The base socket of the Dipper is subjected to high loading during use. It is essential the immediate area around the socket is a good sound concrete construction able to withstand the substantial forces imposed.

It is the clients responsibility to ensure that the pool deck meets the minimum requirements and is of sufficient strength and depth to accommodate the socket and that there are no services which could be damaged by any drilling. Installation costs are not included in the cost of the hoist, Moreable are happy to provide a quote for the installation or you can use an independent installer.


The Oxford® Ranger Transporter system provides easy access to bath-side or pool-side locations. It can also be used as a toileting aid and is available with several options.

Choice of commode seat or shower seat

Safety arms with connecting strap

Adjustable footrest

Fabric footrest option

Lap strap for patient safety

Optional safety harness for added security

Optional bed pan cradle

Oxford Dipper Brochure


The spreader bar and sling option is mainly for users that require more support than the Ranger chair can provide. Suitable slings to use for pool transfers from the Oxford range: Quickfit sling, Full Back sling, Quickfit Deluxe sling, Longseat sling. These have to be the net versions.

Sling Guide

Important information

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