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With all the health benefits of swimming everyone should have the chance to enjoy the water, a pool lift either mobile or fixed gives more people access to this enjoyable activity

Moreable offer a wide range of pool lifts to suit all environments and budgets.

Take a look below or contact us to help you decide the hoist to suit your needs

Oxford Dipper

A floor mounted pool lift can be fitted using an in-ground socket, which is core drilled into the surface or floor plate which is bolted down onto the surface. Pool lifts that can be used with slings are nearly always fixed to the floor.

Floor Mounted or Mobile ?

Portable pool lifts are not mounted to the floor so can be wheeled away from poolside when not in use. They are a popular option for sites with more than one pool and for pools that don’t have a large area of concrete in which to fit a socket.

Floor Mounted Hoists

The Oxford Dipper


The EZ2

Pool Hoists

Scout Pool Lift

The Scout 2

The Ranger

The Ranger

Portable Pro

Portable Pool Hoists

The Portable Pro

Super power ez

The Super Power EZ

Power EZ

The Power EZ2