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Equipment never breaks down when you are not using it or don't need it. Moreable specialises purely in Mobility equipment from the design through to supply and installation and therefore understand more than most that your equipment is needed at all times.

Moreable always aim to be with you either the same day or the next working day for all break down call outs, this fast service costs you absolutely nothing extra than if you were booking us for a service weeks away.

As breakdowns always take priority over routine servicing and installations, we will literally “drop everything” to put you at the top of the queue.

When we attend we will bring a range of spares with us and in most cases we aim to have your equipment working normally again before we leave. However if a major part needs replacing you will be advised on the cost as soon as your engineer can obtain it, along with an estimated time frame.

As MoreAble supply most of the leading manufacturers products, we get preferential treatment when sourcing parts and our buying power ensures you will also pay less than attempting to obtain the part yourself.

Why not give MoreAble a call and let us provide a quote to give your equipment a thorough service following our P.P.M (Planned Preventative Maintenance) schedule, why wait for a breakdown when we could help you to avoid one.

Unlike most repair companies whose initial call out fee is accompanied by an additional charge for every 15 minutes thereafter. Our initial call out includes the first hour on site. Only after this period would additional charges per 15 minutes occur. The majority of standard repairs can be completed within the hour, making this more cost effective.


If you require a call out or just want more information contact Moreable now either on the contact details above of using the button below.

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