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Mobile Hoists


The Birdie folds quickly and easily. The Birdie comes standard with electric leg adjustment and has a 180kg weight limit making it ideal for in the nursing or care home environments. Compact without compromising on comfort.


Simple to fold, unfold and dismantle without tools. When space is limited, the Birdie can be stored upright to take up even less space.

Comes standard with 2 point spreader bar,  electric legspread and internal charging

Features and Options

4 point spreaded bar

Weighing device

Pivot frame

With maximum space given to the user, the Birdie offers a truly comfortable lift and transfer to or from beds, chairs or even the floor. The Birdie maximises space for the user even when the lifter is in the highest position. This gives a very comfortable lift and transfer since the user can easily be rotated in the lifter.

Invacare Birdie

Invacare Jasmine

The Invacare Jasmine Mobile Lifter is a flexible solution that offers a high level of comfort for all clients. A versatile lifter, the Jasmine provides safe patient handling up to 32 stone (200kg) weight capacity. With an expansive, wide-opening base and high lifting mechanism, the Jasmine offers easy manoeuverability and positioning for a wide range of lifts.


The Invacare Jasmine is exceptionally mobile and easy to transport. The

wide-opening base allows easy access for a wheelchair or armchair,whilst the high lifting mechanism is essential for transfers to and from elevated surfaces. Flexible and with optimised manoeuvrability, the Jasmine covers the needs of both the carer and client


The Jasmine is fitted with the control box with diagnostic system: an intelligent service lifetime monitoring system that highlights the battery status and service condition of the actuator to ensure safe patient handling.

Features and options

2 or 4 point spreader bar

Weighing device

Linak® Jumbo™ Care The intelligent monitoring system includes a service

reminder, emergency operation, audio battery alarm, and battery indicator.

Jasmine Brochure Birdie Brochure Birdie Video

The Invacare Reliant 350 Stand Assist is a compact and manoeuvrable mobile lifter that provides safe and comfortable assisted transfers for those with limited mobility or rehabilitation needs. The Invacare Reliant 350 can be used to transfer a client that cannot transfer unaided, but has some level of weight bearing ability, from one seated position to another.



Reliant 350 features a multi adjustable lift boom and a selection of sling mounting points to provide an adjustable and ergonomic lift angle. Large rear and small front castors help manoeuvre the Reliant 350 into small or confined spaces and the base has a lever adjustment mechanism for added stability. In

addition, it has a generous non slip footplate providing a stable surface for the feet, as well as a height adjustable padded knee guard.


The Reliant 350 provides a range of safety features including an emergency stop button, emergency mechanical descent system, as well as an anti-entrapment device which stops the boom from lowering if it meets resistance. The battery recharge indicator is visual and audible. For transport and storage,

the Reliant 350 can be easily dismantled.

Features and Options

Stand Assist Sling

Transfer Stand Assist Sling

Independent Charger. An off-board charger and spare battery allow for 24 hour use.

Please note: The battery cannot be charged on the hoist.

Reliant 350 Brochure

The Invacare Roze stand assist offers an alternative to a passive lift when a degree of weight bearing ability remains. Ideal for rehabilitation, degenerative conditions and clients whose condition varies from day to day, the Roze can provide dignity and a greater degree of independence. With the latest control box technology, the Roze offers a Soft Start and Soft Stop function that provides a more comfortable transfer.



The Invacare Roze is a versatile stand assist lifter that supports the transfer of individuals who can only bear a minimal amount of their own weight.

Ideal for transfers from a seated to seated or seated to standing position, the small footprint of the Roze and wide leg opening offers a flexible and comfortable transfer.


The Roze is fitted with a control box that has a diagnostic system: an

intelligent service lifetime monitoring system that highlights the battery status and service condition of the actuator to ensure safe patient handling.

Features and options

Height-adjustable leg support

Removable foot plate

Control box with diagnostic system

Roze Brochure

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