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A ceiling track hoist has many advantages over other lifting methods, it takes up no floor space and it can be operated independently either by the user or just one carer.

Ceiling Track Hoist

Whilst the obvious disadvantage of a mobile hoist is that it cannot be operated independently by the user and takes up floor space, the Mobile Hoist does offer far more flexibility and can be moved from room to room and can adapt to changing furniture layouts

Easy to operate

Flexible and can be used in multiple rooms

Mobile Hoist

Ideal for day trips and holidays

Travel Hoists

Whether it's camping with friends and family, cruising holidays or just a break away, the Molift Smart will help your carers or family members to also have a break.  If you're looking to fly out anywhere, there is a Molift Smart Case available which you'll need to protect your hoist from damage.

Pool Lifts

A chance for more to enjoy the pool

With all the health benefits of swimming everyone should have the chance to enjoy the water, a pool lift either mobile or fixed gives more people access to this enjoyable activity