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Attentive Bathing / Carer Market

The height-adjustable baths are aimed at those who require a high degree of assistance.

The Excel 600 | Height-adjustable bath with POWERED Swing Seat

The Excel 600 is a height adjustable bath for use in nursing situations or where particular care is required. The electrically-operated bath rises smoothly and quietly once the seat has been gently powered into the bath by the hand control. The bath is available in three different designs to suit a particular client and the environment in which it is to be used.

The Excel 600 features…

Seat with removable insert for more personal cleaning


Specifications of the Excel 600 attentive bath…

Length: 1700 / 1800mm Width: 1392 / 1442mm – 750 / 800mm Depth: 1060 / 720mm

Excel 400

If a seat is unsuitable for the person being bathed and a

sling or cradle is a more practical/comfortable option,

then this Height-adjustable Excel 400 gives the carer the

ability to raise the bath to an easier working height

Removable Changing Top, available for 1700x750

Centre Waste and 1800x800 End Waste models

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TransAqua Stainless Steel Shower & Toileting Chair Range

The TransAqua range of shower commode chairs has been developed to provide a modular bathing and toileting solution which can be easily adapted to alter with the user. The chairs innovative modular design allows each component to be retrospectively replaced as the users needs change. Seats, armrests and footrests are interchangeable, the width of the frame can be increased/decreased* and the chair can be convert­ed from self propelled to attendant propelled and vice versa.

Safe working load 200kg (31st) (440lb)

The chair features a stainless steel frame with corrosion resistant wheels and castors.

Armrests and footrests swing away to aid transfer.

Several footrest options are available, each is height adjustable to ensure that the user is in a comfortable position.

Seats are available as flat padded, full ring aperture or horseshoe with a range of aperture sizes to suit the user.

Can be used over a toilet or provided with a commode pan and cradle.

19" and 21" chairs are Clos-o-mat compatible.

Self propelled models can be provided with 20", 22" or 24" wheels.

Attendant propelled models are provided with four braked castors, directional locking castor available on request.

Chiltern Chair Brochure

Aqua Master Tilt in Space Shower Commode Chair

Maximum Load 160 kg (25 st) (350 lb)

Chiltern Invadex has been helping to provide bathing solutions for domestic, healthcare and leisure environments for over 25 years.

The AquaMaster Tilt in Space Shower Chair is the newest addition to the range. It has been developed in conjunction with healthcare professionals to create a chair which provides comfort and security for the user combined with ease of use.

The white coated stainless steel frame not only provides a durable, corrosion resistant finish but also includes an anti-microbial additive to help protect against the risks of cross contamination.

A dual gas spring assembly allows smooth operation via a single rear mounted control handle, providing a tilting angle of 0 to 30 degrees with an additional 10 degrees provided by the ergonomic angled backrest.

The chair is available in two standard widths, 18" and 21", or as a special order to a user specific specification (subject to survey). In addition, an extensive range of standard options has been made available to allow a large choice of seat, armrest, footrest and backrest configurations.

This is further complemented by a carefully selected range of accessories including fully adjustable head supports, foot trays, calf straps, pressure relief seating, side padding, harnesses and commode pans.

Seat, armrest and footrest configurations are retrospectively replaceable to allow the chair specification to be amended to suit degenerative conditions and to enable re-issue. The AquaMaster Tilt in Space shower chair has been competitively priced

Designed and field tested in conjunction with Occupational Therapists and Healthcare Professionals.

Offers a safe, controlled and comfortable showering position for those with severe physical conditions.

Full range of aperture, horseshoe and flat padded seats available.

Option for bespoke seating, including pressure relief foam.

Armrest, footrest and backrest options.

Extensive range of accessories available.

Dual gas rams to ensure smooth reliable operation.

Single hand control lever.

Stainless steel, electrostatically powder coated construction for strength and durability.

Corrosion resistant stainless steel and nylon braked castors. Directional locking option available.

Commode cradle options for round or oval pan types.

Also available as a tilting shower cradle.

Full 12 month warranty.

Shower and Toileting Chairs

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Shower Trolleys and Stretchers

The Chiltern Invadex range of shower trolleys is designed to allow washing of patients in the supine position. Mobile and easy to manoeuvre, it makes transferring a user to the bathing area simple.

Shower Trolleys and Stretchers Brochure Shower Trolleys Range Update

The PRS01 and 02 provide a comfortable PVC coated canvas base with drainage holes and have a safe working load of upto 23st (150kg).

Shown left with an optional cot side, the bench has a bathing area which is 600mm wide. The PRS01 is 1800mm long, whilst the 02 is 1400mm long

The PRS03 and 04 provide a sturdy curved bathing surface with a safe working load of upto 31st (200kg).

Both have a bathing area which is 700mm wide. It is available in adult and paediatric sizes. The PRS03 has an internal bathing area which is 1800mm long, whilst the 04 is 1300mm long.

Height Adjustable Stretchers

Due to popular demand, Chiltern Invadex has added a range of height adjustable stretchers to the bathing range. Each is height adjustable via a handset and is available with optional cot sides for added security.

Two models are available, each with adult and paediatric size options. All boast a reliable electric motor and a 3 year manufacturers warranty.

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